Theme: Theme: "Exploring Advanced Perspectives in Orthodontics"

Orthodontics Meet 2021

Renowned Speakers

Orthodontics Meet 2021

ME Conferences takes a lot of pleasure to welcome all the specialists and researchers from all around the world to amplify about their respective scientific research at 2nd International Conference on Orthodontics”. Grab the opportunity to experience this grand colloquium as a Physical Conference scheduled during October 28-29, 2021 at the most beautiful city Amsterdam, Netherlands.

" Theme: "Exploring Advanced Perspectives in Orthodontics" "


ORTHODONTICS MEET 2021 is a global event focusing on the core information and major advances in the ever-expanding field of Orthodontics and Dental health by knowledgeable experts on a worldwide scale. It is an international podium to discuss the pioneering researches and expansions in the Dentistry and Dentofacial Orthopedics. It will be a dazzling opportunity to meet prominent persons and to learn the most recent technological evolutions.

Why to Attend ORTHODONTICS MEET 2021?

ORTHODONTICS MEET 2021 aims to bring together leading academic experts, scientists and research scholars to interchange and share their practices and research results about all aspects of Orthodontics. It also provides the premier interdisciplinary forum for scientists, practitioners and professors to present and discuss the most current novelties, trends, and apprehensions, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of Dentistry and Orthodontics. Widely acclaimed speakers, modern technologies of treating dental illness, latest improved systems and current updates in the field of Dentistry and Orthodontics are the signs of this gathering.

Target Audience?

  • Orthodontists and Periodontists
  • Dental Radiologists
  • Principle Dentists
  • Clinical Investigators
  • Oral/Dental Surgeons
  • Dental (Maxillofacial) and Cosmetic Surgeons
  • Dental Business/ Practice Managers
  • Dental/Oral Hygienists and Therapists
  • Dental Nurses
  • Dental Treatment Coordinators
  • Dental and Oral Health Associations, Societies and universities
  • Procurement and Managing teams from Dental Organizations
  • Manufacturing Medical Device Companies

Participation Options:

ORTHODONTICS MEET 2021 provides the participants with the different modes such as speakers and delegates under ACADEMIC/ STUDENT/BUSINESS category.

  1. Keynote Speaker: 45-50 Minutes
  2. Speaker (Oral Presentation): 30Minutes
  3. Speaker (Workshop): 45-50 Minutes
  4. Delegates: Will have all the benefits of registration
  5. Poster presenter: Can present poster and can enjoy the benefits of delegates
  6. Exhibitor
  7. Media partners
  8. Sponsors
  9. Collaborators

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Track 1: Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the special branch of the dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, alteration and prevention of malpositioned jaws and teeth. It also focuses on misaligned bite patterns as well on the modifying facial growth considered as the dentofacial Orthopedics. The specialists dealing with this branch are termed as Orthodontists.

Track 2: Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry is the branch that can deal with the study, diagnosis and management of the tooth diseases with their supportive structure. This is the branch which is the combination of the Endodontics, Periodontics and prosthodontics. Restorative dentistry can deal with the complex cases which cannot be dealt such as

  • Pre-radiotherapy head and neck oncology assessments
  • Oral rehabilitation of patients after head and neck oncology treatment
  • Provision of obturators for head and neck oncology and cleft palate patients
  • Oral rehabilitation of hypodontia patients
  • Oral rehabilitation of maxillofacial trauma patients

Track 3: Oral Medicine and Dental Pharmacology

According to the American Academy of Oral Medicine it is defined as the science of dentistry that is concerned with the oral hygiene and health of medically complex patients which include the diagnosis and treatment of the medical conditions those results in the damage of the Oral and Maxillofacial regions. 

Track 4: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery deals with the diagnosis as well as the management of the diseases of tooth, traumatic injuries and surgery of the genetic deformities of mouth, face, dentition, neck and jaws. Cosmetic problems are also managed by this oral surgery.

Track 5: Forensic Dentistry and Odontology

Forensic dentistry is the dental science that helps in the reorganization of the proof of many medico legal issues which works by utilizing the natural and physical dental verification. It is mainly utilized by the police community for the purpose of the criminal detection. The forensic Odontology can detect the both living as well as the dead organisms. It works on the basis of the dental radiology, dental material, anatomy and histology of dentition.

Track 6: Oral Pathology and Microbiology

Oral Pathology aims at the genesis, morphology, physiology and histology of the oral tissues. It is the branch of the dentistry that verifies the illness of oral and maxillofacial regions. Oral Immunotherapy is the inspection of the oral cavity, dental caries, dental plaques and Periodontal Contamination caused by the oral micro flora. It deals with the causative methodologies of the oral diseases. It understands the contamination process of the oral structures and assures the progression of the prudent treatment.

Track 7: Diabetes and Periodontal Diseases                   

Diabetes is the notable risk factor for the periodontal diseases. These are the diseases of the gum and the bone that holds up the teeth. Periodontitis is defined as the severe unending sickness of the supporting structures of the teeth. Oral and periodontal wellness is considered to be the advanced and essential segments in the diabetic administration. The treatment of the Periodontitis is associated with the HbAlc.

Track 8: Dental Stem Cells

Dental stem cells play a major role in many of the therapeutic practices. They are easy to collect, appropriate and affordable to store. Stem cells are defined as the identical cells which are capable of renewing themselves and producing different cell types and regenerate the missing tissues to treat the different diseases. Preventive care in a dental treatment includes prophylaxis and cleaning of the teeth. Oral facial tissues have been identified as a therapeutic target for the stem cells.

  • Dental pulp stem cells
  • Periodontal ligament stem cells
  • Dental follicle stem cells
  • Dental tissue engineering
  • Oral facial tissue

Track 9: Geriatric Dentistry

Oral health has its impact on the Physical and the mental health that can affect the quality of living of the geriatric population. In order to provide them great oral care it is important to focus on the field of the geriatric dentistry. Geriatric dentistry even at the under graduate level lacks the training and constituent aspects. Young graduates should understand the complexity in treating the elderly patients suffering with the Oral chronic diseases.

Track 10: Dental Anesthesia

Dental anesthesia facilitates the dental treatments in patients with anxiety, special requirements, mostly children and people with challenging behavior. Dental anesthesia includes pre operative assessment and makes sure that the patients are aware of the risks. It aims at the management and the mitigation of the pain upon application.

Track 11: Dental Nursing and Ethics

Dental Nursing aims to promote the dental ergonomics as it includes dry mouth, dental and periodontal contaminations, dental caries which are the common treatable parts with the litimate care. The youngsters now a day’s need 2.5 times more dental care than who needs the medical protection. 

Track 12: Periodontology and Implantology

It is the study of the specialized hard and the soft tissues that support the teeth and helps to maintain their position in the jaws. In maintaining the Oral health the periodontium plays a major role in the protection of the tooth by acting as the shock absorber during the biting or chewing. Implantology is the branch of the dentistry which deals with the dental implants. It is the method of placing the artificial teeth root in the jaw bone.

Track 13: Pediatric Dentistry

It is the branch of the dentistry that deals with the infant’s oral health. As we know the good oral health begins at the early infancy. It deals with the dentistry of the children from birth towards the adolescence.  The primary preventive and therapeutic oral health for children and infants including the special health care needs is said to be Pediatric Dentistry. It includes the instruction such as Proper Diet and practice of oral hygiene.

Track 14: Oral Cancer

The growth of the tumor or the appearance of the malignancies in the mouth and pharynx is termed as the Oral Cancer. This may occur at any part of the mouth, surface of the tongue, on lips, inside the cheeks or in the salivary organs. The signs and symptoms of the oral malignancy includes Jaw torment, sore throat, difficulty in moving the tongue, ear torment and changes in the voice. The treatment for the oral cancer can be given through the medical procedures such as chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Mostly 9 out of 10 oral cancers are squamous cell carcinomas.

  • Surgical excision
  • Chemotherapy
  • Glossectomy
  •  Maxillectomy
  • Jaw torent

 Track 15: Orofacial Myology

It can also be termed as the myofunctional treatment. Orofacial Myology is used to supplement the propensity for the mouth breathing and the nasal relaxation. It aims at assessment and treating the assortation of the face and oral muscles which helps in maintaining correct posture. The standard depends on the dental science percepts.  

Track 16: Endodontics

It straightly aims towards the biology and pathology of the root tissue and dental pulp of the tooth. It focuses on the diagnosis treatment and management of the injuries of the root pulp. Root canals are commonly performed by the Endodontic procedures. It helps in maintaining the natural tooth by performing cracked tooth repair, root canal treatment, and dental trauma surgery.

  • Root tissue
  • Cracked tooth repair
  • Root canal treatment
  • Dental trauma surgery
  • Dental imaging

Track 17: Dental Surgery

Dental surgery can also be termed as the Surgery of the teeth. It is the process of surgery of the teeth and jaw to artificially modify the dentition. If too much dirt is gathered it requires the dental cleaning. More of the examination and cleaning is required if an individual had a dental implant. Habitual examination of the enamel is required by dental professionals once every 12 months.

Track 18: Cosmetic Dentistry

This branch mainly focuses on the smile and the oral health of an individual. This can generally enhance the appearance of the teeth and the gums. It improves the dental aesthetics in color, shape, size, position and the alignment. Dental Bridges are used to treat the decayed teeth. Dental fillings are composed of Gold and Amalgam.

Track 19: Public Dental Health

It is defined as the science and practice that prevents oral diseases and promotes the oral health and improves the quality of life. It focuses on the community level promoting the health well being of the population and contrasts with the clinical practices of the individuals.

Track 20: Advancements in Dentistry

Dentistry had seen many technological advances in the recent years. The advances include Nano dentistry, Artificial intelligence, Cosmetic dentistry, Dental Implants, Computer assigned design and 3D printing.

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Conference Date October 29-29, 2021
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